Welcome to Kobe Surf, a concept that was founded through a love of the sea and an appreciation of the ultimate freedom that is felt from being out in the surf.

Kobe Surf was founded in 2016 by Deepa Shah, a surfer based in England. Deepa was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa. After moving to the UK, she took up surfing in her 20s and found that this helped to maintain her connection to the raw freedom of her childhood. As her love and dedication to the sport grew, Deepa travelled the globe in search of waves and adventures. Meeting many female surfers, and understanding herself what makes swimwear functional for a surfer, Deepa developed and designed a capsule collection of surf specific swimwear. Kobe Surf was born.

The Designs

The beauty of surfing is that it allows you to escape. When out in the surf, your primary focus is the wave. Looking out to the horizon watching for the next set, paddling hard to get into position and eventually losing yourself in the moment as you fly on the water. The designs aim to facilitate this freedom, with practicality and functionality at their core. The style is simplistic, elegant and feminine. We are consciously shying away from designs which overly sexualise women. Female surfers are beautiful because they are strong, graceful and confident, and we hope our designs emphasise these attributes.

The Materials

As a young brand, we have been involved in this industry for 2 years, and it has been a steep learning curve. We search and source for hardwearing  fabrics which can maintain their shape and fitting in all conditions, and have a long lifespan. We have become acutely aware of the wastage in the fashion industry. Our beloved seas are often directly affected, and so it is our responsibility to do what we can, however little, to reduce the impact. We are continually working to source renewable and sustainable materials for our products, and our vision is to become a purely sustainable brand.

The Kobe World

A collation of inspiration - stories, biographies, adventures and initiatives to encourage, empower and enthuse you in your daily life. We are also committed to supporting and promoting global initiatives and organisations which are working to help local communities in less developed countries, as well as those involved in marine conservation.

"Kobe Surf is a brand that is developed for women addicted to the ocean. We draw inspiration from all corners of the globe and from the waterwomen we encounter. Whether you surf or not, we embrace and share your love of the sea." Deepa Shah