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Kobe Surf is committed to supporting and promoting global initiatives and organisations which are working to help and empower local communities in less developed countries, as well as those involved in environmental conservation.

We will work with the organisations to provide support in whichever way is most appropriate.  Whether that is through monetary aid, raising awareness, development of volunteer programmes, or through other strategies, to ensure sustainable change.

Our world is growing rapidly, and stress and strain is being placed on this planet’s natural resources and all its inhabitants.  As industries race ahead, it is clearly those that are less fortunate that are left behind and face the unwanted consequences of economic growth.

For humans, this means a widening of the divide between rich and poor, between developed and less developed.  And for the natural world, we encroach further and further into their territory, and soon there will only be bricks and mortar left to gaze upon.

Growth in all its forms is inevitable, and of course it does bring rewards and positive change.  Communication, education and knowledge open doors and provide opportunities for those who thought they had none.  But with this we need to recognise the need to provide support to communities that can be left behind and overlooked, and to the natural world, which we are obligated to protect.

Thank you for your support

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