Sea Dips in the Mist

“A typical late summer’s day in Cornwall. We stand on the cliff’s edge peering down with necks outstretched at the wild scene unveiling below. Surging swells and onshore northerlies brandishing white horses out to sea. Our bare feet sink into the soft cliff moss, warm and comforting underfoot. We dressed in sea blues and poppy reds. These bright Kobe colours breathing light and vivacity into a dull grey morning. Ready to brace bare skin against the chill of the late Summer’s gale we threw towels to the floor.

With goosebumps bared, smiles broad and laughter shared, we skipped down the steep steps with wooden bodyboards in tow to our favourite beach. Our footprints were the only trails left on the golden velvet sand. We ran along the shoreline with Meli playfully jumping between our legs. Embracing these colder mornings just as much as the hot summer days just passed.

The beach is our playground to run through hollowed caves carved within rock faces from years of winter storms. We embrace the water completely, with our boards clutched tightly to our sides. Leaping into the ocean we release a scream of sudden shock at that icy Atlantic on naked skin. The feeling is only fleeting as our minds become awash with inspiration that the open ocean so freely creates.

We play within the swell like giggling children. A rip attempts to drag us out into the ocean’s open arms, but we remain rooted just like the sea thrift. Firm and strong against the strengthening pull of the rip until the next wave rises, allowing us to drop into her open, clean face. We dance and play and dive and laugh until the cold places a firm hand against our skin. One more wave we call repeatedly back and forth until we catch a wave together, riding to the shore. Course sand and sharp stones scratch at our legs and we roll onto our backs laughing. Soaked and smiling, we climb the steep ascent back to the clifftop above. That feeling of cold water invigorating our skin. That sensation of being held tightly within the ocean’s grasp, completely enveloped - a liquid motherly hug.

Shivering on the outside, yet warmed on the inside we make tracks back to the comfort of home. We warm our bones with toes tucked under blankets and numb fingers wrapped around hot mugs of tea. Broad smiles are etched on our faces. As the kettles boils again ready for the next hot mug, we hatch a plan to repeat the adventure later that afternoon.”

Written by Emma Fraser-Bell

“Ocean Wanderers”

Videography - Clare James

Sound - Scott Lawton

Kobe People - Deepa Shah & Emma Fraser-Bell

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