The “kikoi” is a traditional garment originating in East Africa.  The Swahili word translates roughly to sarong.  It is a rectangular length of cotton which was originally hand-loomed by local craftsmen.  The kikoi was then dyed with bright natural colours and worn by local fishermen in Kenya and Tanzania.

Today, to meet a growing demand, the fabric tends to be machine-loomed in local factories in East Africa.  The materials, however continue to be homegrown, using 100% cotton which is grown and harvested in East Africa, and azo-free dyes to give the vibrant traditional colours.  The traditional tassels are still hand-knotted by local craftsmen/women.

In the Kikoi Collection, the kikoi material has been incorporated into a range of surf accessories including Kikoi Towels and Kikoi Surfboard Bags.  The products are all made locally in Kenya, using ethically sourced materials.

£2 from each towel sold is donated to the Local Ocean Trust, a non profit organisation committed to the protection of Kenya's marine environment