I'm Amy Cavender, a 20-year old English Literature student at Bristol University.  I grew up in Somerset, and have always loved being outdoors.  I started surfing 2 years ago on a 3-month trip to South Africa where we were surfing every day, and I really haven't looked back since.  The feeling of being completely immersed in nature and part of something so vast seems to give you a unique perspective.  The truly special thing about surfing is the overwhelming sense of freedom it gives you; you don't need to pay to use the ocean, you don't use any electricity and you can't bring your phone, or leave any mark on nature, its just you and the water.  As anyone who's tried it will know, the feeling of catching an epic wave is incomparable to anything else.  

From Cornwall to Bali to Morocco surfing has taken me all over the world and has led me to meet so many wonderful and inspiring people.  It has been my inspiration to start my own travel blog - The Whale on the Trail - the themes being adventuring off the beaten track, embracing local culture and travelling in an environmentally friendly way.  I'm excited to see where The Whale on the Trail might take me, especially because it encompasses three of my biggest passions - travel, writing and film-making. 

Even when I'm not by the sea, surfing seems to permeate into my life.  I'm lucky enough to work as a surf instructor in the summers; a job that I absolutely love which also funds my trips both at home and abroad.  I have also recently been elected as a committee member for Bristol University Surf Club, and its here that I've made my closest friends at university.  I recently competed in the BUCS surfing competition in Newquay, and reached the quarter finals - stoked!  

Away from the sea, my daily life is as an undergraduate student studying English Literature at Bristol University.  It is a subject I chose out of curiosity to discover new authors, critical ideas and new ways of thinking. An English degree gives you lots of time to read and reflect, allowing you to really grasp a sense of your own opinions, and develop your writing voice. I hope it will lead me to a career where I can use the medium of writing to do something innovative and creative. 

I have always loved the water, be it surfing, diving or swimming. The ocean is a special place, and though its immense force shouldn't be underestimated, its vast beauty inspires me daily and is the reason why I'll be venturing after waves for many years to come.

The Whale on the Trail - www.whale on the

Whale on the Trail | Siargao Island -

Special thanks to Gwilym Thomas for the epic images taken of Amy in Siargao Island -

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