Brinkley Davies is a Marine Biologist from South Australia.  A competitive surfer from a young age, and a talented free diver, Brinkley has a natural and astounding connection to the water.  She is dedicated to the protection of the ocean - which she describes as "my first love".  Brinkley is the Founder of Balu Blue Foundation, a marine conservation organisation committed to the preservation and protection of our seas.  This is her story:  

As far back as I can remember, the ocean has been a huge part of my life.  Learning to surf at the young age of 4 sparked my love for the ocean, and for surfing. I pursued and immersed myself in a decade of competitive surfing.  Spending so much time in and around the water built my obsession with marine life.  

From early on in my surfing career I craved to do more, to be more, than a surfer. I wanted to help the ocean, as she was a source of immense joy for me.  This led me to enrol upon a Bachelors Degree in Marine Biology which has opened up a whole new world.  I have been fortunate to work within the fields of animal and ocean conservation, scuba diving, free diving, boating qualifications, volunteer work, and so much more. Working within the field of Marine Biology has allowed me to travel to far flung places, and to collaborate with a variety of organisations, charities and brands, helping me to diversify my experience. A couple of my favourites have been Whale Shark guiding along Ningaloo Reef, and assisting with Marine Research in Mozambique. 

I am passionate about the ocean - my first love, and moreso now about the sustainability of our planet.  I am becoming acutely aware that we are stretching this planet's resources to her limits. I endeavour everyday to adapt my lifestyle to be more sustainable, and am a strong advocate of a plant-based lifestyle, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Ocean conservation and wildlife conservation is at my core.  And with this in mind, I have founded and developed The Balu Blue Foundation:


Balu Blue Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a purpose of education, research and conservation to enable protection and enhancement of the natural environment.  Our mission is to create awareness and inspiration.  We will develop projects aimed at conservation of species and habitats, and will contribute to existing projects with parallel purposes.  We aim to promote ethical and sustainable living, that minimises harm to the ocean, the land and the natural world as a whole.      

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