Emma Fraser-Bell is a self-confessed ocean addict.  She lives by the sea in Cornwall, where she is able to receive her daily fix of salt water inspiration and healing.  Emma studied creative writing at univeristy, and now writes a blog "SaltySkinSandyToes" documenting her ocean-infused lifestyle, and aiming to inspire others to dip their toes into the deep blue. This is her story:

For as long as I can remember,  I have felt a connection to the outdoors, life outside of concrete walls and now, more specifically, the ocean.  I have always had ants in my pants, cannot sit still for long and am constantly seeking new adventures at home and abroad.

I was born in the north of England on the Wirral (a peninsula just outside Liverpool).  As I grew into my teens, I began to feel trapped and misunderstood living in the North.  When I left school, I enrolled onto a BA degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at Falmouth University in Cornwall.  It was here that my inspiration was released.  I enrolled onto a module in travel writing, delving into different cultures and far-flung places that set my imagination free.  I found a love and passion for travel and the ocean, which I felt compelled to put down on paper.

Whilst studying in Cornwall, my passion for surfing developed.  I always knew that the ocean had a power over my mind and body - that is what brought me to Cornwall.  But it wasn't until I began surfing that I realised the full effect the salt water had on me.  It released my creativity as soon as I came close to the water, and it continues to be my primary inspiration now.

Once I began surfing, I couldn't stop!  I surfed as much as university life would allow, even in the coldest winter months.  When the swell was non-existent I resorted to sea swimming in the icy waters with friends to get our daily ocean fix.  We started with our wetsuits, and when this didn't cut it anymore we swam in our bikinis to really allow the cold water to work its magic on our tired minds.  I came to realise and understand the positive short and long-term effects of cold water on the human body and mind.  I haven't stopped sea swimming in the coldest, darkest winter months - it is actually one of my favourite past-times in the winter when the surf is lacking.  A quick chilly dip in the early morning will set me up for the day!

I have pursued my passion for travel and creative writing with a blog www.saltyskinsandytoes.blogspot.co.uk .  I wish to inspire others to get outside more, to lead a healthier life, to appreciate the beauty that is right infant of us which, regrettably, we often take for granted.  I not only write about my travels and surf trips to Central America, Sri Lanka, Europe; but just as importantly I document my daily life and adventures in my beloved Cornwall.  I want people to recognise that you don't have to travel half way across the world to have the most incredible surf trip...more often than not the magic is right on your doorstep.

I am currently training as a personal trainer, befitting with my own lifestyle.  Once qualified I hope to be able to train people on my favourite beaches here in Cornwall, and demonstrate that exercise can be a super fun experience!

I am ocean-inspired, forever a coastal dwelling, surf-addicted girl with salt water coursing through my veins.  The ocean, however much she intimidates me at times, also relentlessly continues to entice me.  Not a day goes by that I cannot step a foot into the water to find my peace and inspiration.

Deepa Shah