Mayla Wedekind is a talented surfer based in Bali.  Originally from Germany, Mayla started surfing only 4 years ago, but her connection to the water and dedication to the surf has kept her in Bali.  She is a testament to the phrase "do what you love, love what you do".  Mayla is a psychology student and shows that in this world of rigid disciplines, we are able to pursue our passions whilst remaining committed to education and further learning. 

Mayla was born in a little town in North Germany.  She was connected to the water from an early age.  Training as a young child to be a professional swimmer, as well as rowing and many other water sports.  However, surfing came later due to a lack of waves in the little landlocked town.

After finishing high school, Mayla followed the classic route of backpacking around Australia.  It was here that she experienced her first time riding a wave on a surfboard.  "I rented a huge soft top, didn't take lessons and tried to teach myself, and became really frustrated!"  Her travels took her to Bali in 2012, where she met her partner who taught her how to surf.  Mayla's love for surfing has kept her in Bali ever since.

Mayla is currently enrolled onto a Bachelor in Psychology with the University of Hagen, Germany. The distance learning element means she is able to reside in Bali whilst completing her studies.  Mayla hopes to complete a Master in Psychology rendering her a professional Psychologist.  She aims to progress into the field of Sport Psychology and Research.

Mayla surfs everyday, up to 4 hours a day.  Her surf progression has been rapid and she has now started to compete in surf competitions, namely the Uluwatu Contest and The German Championships in 2016.

"I am connected to the water and it will forever be a part of who I am"

Mayla Wedekind

Deepa Shah