A timeless collection of classic pieces for the free-spirited ocean wanderer.

The Ocean Wanderer Collection takes its inspiration from the  strong and striking coastlines of the South West shores of the UK.  Summertime on these coastlines brings a plethora of natural beauty.  The warm days means the sea glistens cobalt blue.  A backdrop of dramatic dark rugged cliffs yearns to be explored.  There is an abundance of flora and fauna - fields of poppy flowers, heather, daffodils.  The great outdoors presents itself for days spent adventuring.

The designs of this collection are strong and simplistic - key pieces that will take you through a lifetime of adventures.  The refined shapes give a sleek and striking silhouette which will enhance your femininity, yet as always maintaining functionality.



The Ocean Wanderer Collection is made from ECONYL® 100% Regenerated Nylon - high performance nylon fibres made from reclaimed fishing nets and other nylon waste.  

Protecting our seas, protecting our coastlines.