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A custom-shaped surfboard is a gift for every surfer, regardless of style and ability.  We are fortunate to have teamed up with Justin Woolcott (Morph Surfboards), to offer a custom board shaping service.  Justin is highly respected within his trade, and his knowledge and experience reflects his passion for what he does. 

Having grown up in Cornwall, surfing was a way of life for Justin and as his neighbour had a surfboard factory his obsession with shaping started at a pretty young age. 


"I have been working in surfboard factories from the age of 16 and I shaped my first board aged 19 and still remember it clearly. I used to watch my boards being shaped when i was young and always was amazed at the lines and curves that can be crafted by hand."


Justin has been fortunate enough to work alongside some great shapers and industry innovators such as Malcolm Campbell (Campbell Bros, Bonzer Boards) and Gary McNabb (Nectar) to mention just a couple of the more inspiring shapers.







In 2004 life, his wife and a trusty van took Justin to western Algarve, to plant some routes, escape the hustle and bustle of the UK and find some empty, pumping waves. He fell back on his passion and knowledge about repairs and shaping and Morph Surfboards was born. Being a new brand in an area with a small, undeveloped surf culture was daunting and required perseverance, but Justin was fortunate to have the opportunity to make boards for some of the local pros, the business grew quicker than he could have imagined. 


I quickly went from doing a few repairs on some homemade trestles on the roof of a rented house, to owning a small, rural surfboard factory kept busy producing boards for a local and traveling community.


Back in St Agnes, Justin has been lucky to take on the same factory where he first learnt how to make boards. St Agnes’s community is growing and diverse and he often finds himself making boards for a whole range of people with a plethora of styles and abilities.


In the beginnings of my surfboard shaping career I had a hard Portuguese audience which pushed me to make the best boards I could, and the problem with making boards on your own is, its only you who is to blame if the boards are bad so if you are meticulous like me, it pushes you to try harder to achieve personal perfection. To this day, shaping and making boards never gets boring… it is always changing and evolving. As time passes, fashions come and go, but the fundamental elements of a surfboard remain the same.

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